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Silver Lining

15 Jul

Hemp farm linked from burnonewith.us

I’ve been thinking about the illegalization of marijuana. And I came to realize that there’s a great silver lining to the fact that it’s been illegal for so long. And that is this: it’s remained pure.

We know by now that the great illegalize movement came from big business. I will simplify, but if you want a full, detailed account try this link. That’s because marijuana – in the form of “hemp” – is about the most versatile plant in the world. In those days everything was made from hemp, from the clothes people wore to the ropes on the great ships. Look it up. The cotton and logging industries wanted the business so they began a campaign against “marijuana” and when they had people convinced they then stated that “marijuana” = “hemp”. Very clever. Bravo. In fact, it is the same plant, but I dare you to smoke those clothes – or even the hemp that was used to make it.

Anyway, since then it has been illegal – except for a small period during World War II that the U.S. government passed a law that all farmers must grow hemp for the war effort. Yes, that’s true. You can check it out. If that’s not showing your hand then I don’t know what is.

But I digress. Imagine big businesses being able to sell us our ganja. Phillip Morris, for example. They’ve made their careers out of selling people addictive substances. What do you suppose would be in our “marijuana cigarettes”? Look at the list of ingredients in tobacco that has nothing to do with tobacco. More addictive killers. Paper chemicals. Nastiness. And tons of it. Our ganja would be in the hands of the incompetent. Their interests aren’t – and wouldn’t be – the same as ours. They’re not out to make high quality tobacco and they wouldn’t be out to make high quality ganja. It would be about how to keep us hooked and not how to keep us high. It would be awful.

Now look at the state of ganja today.* You can clearly get it anywhere in the world. The quality is higher then it’s ever been. It has not been genetically engineered (as far as I know). It will still grow anywhere. Nobody tries to corner the market. It’s a beautiful business model made up of local growers, couriers and distributors. And it’s still what it has been all along. The “mainstream” world is just rediscovering all of the things that this plant does – medicine, food, textiles, plastics, etc. etc. etc. It’s a gift that our ancestors hid in the warehouse. And the gift of it sitting in the warehouse is that they, themselves, did not play with it and fuck it up.

It makes me realize that if vegetables were illegal nobody would go hungry.

*As we move forward and marijuana is reintroduced into medicine and other industries, there are already patents on strains and companies whose sole purpose is profit from its sale. Hopefully we will remember that we can grow it on our own, as we seem to have forgotten about this with food.

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