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Rant 1

29 May


It’s a fucked up sucked up
meat sack of a place
that’s being torn down worn down
and is eroding into space

when you prefer buildings to trees
and poison to fleas
getting down on your knees
in an effort to please

some king some god some unworldly man
all the while brewing his in-articulated plan

you’ve been bushwackled, bamboozled
thought you were wide eyed just to end up a spectacle

now it’s all being laid bare
and with a last ditch effort to get you to stare
to some place far over there

there’ll be some droppings of bombs
maybe a few tons
and we’ll all look away while they continue their play

for our resources no one cares about your money
it’s all about the bees and their honey

because that’s what they’ve taken away
while they get our eyes always to stray

to each other – look at him, he’s gay
and she’s convinced that religion’s the way

the republicans, the democrats
the whites and the blacks
all a subterfuge for the real attack

but freud was mistaken in his final analyzation
for my father and mother were also forsaken
by a society that let them grow up in a situation
that pain is okay and punishment deserved

but you are society so I understand
you were unwittingly part of the plan
to get me to look at my mom and my dad
and never look farther to what’s really bad

the conflict within is caused from without
we are not born with a headful of doubts

and our parents and grandparents are not to blame
also being born into this intricate game

but as long as we can blame each other
we’ll never see beyond our own brother

to the guy with the gun at his head
poking and prodding him too into dread

what’s really going on may actually not matter
just that they’re wasting our time with jibber and jabber

once again diverting our eyes
from what’s been all along the one and only prize

while we run around for another dollar
they grab another forest by the collar

another river full of oil
a bit more poison in the soil

but keep looking at the president’s mistakes
and wars taking place between sovereign states

because all that’s important is our attention
while our world is raped of its regeneration

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