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4 Dec

 “Nor is it ever nor will it ever be for now it is all together” – Parmenides

We are limited to all events that are possible


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If you ever do pick up a copy of After the End, you’ll see a page in the booklet – opposite an arrangement of the I Ching – titled, “An Introduction to Clearisms”. There is, however, no explanation there.

In my previous blog, “An Axiom”, I introduced you to Jeff Sollars and the conversation which led to, among other things, the statement “all things are mirrored on all levels”. Clearisms are another result of this conversation. In fact, they were pretty much sentences that actually came out of someone’s mouth at one point or another. Often with much humor. They were the bits that we just had to write down, so we did.

If forced to define them I would say that they are somewhat westernized koans. Meaning that they’re not riddles at all. They’re bits. Bits that we thought were funny or poignant. Or both. I present here our full list from our week together. Think you have some too? Why not stick them in the comments?


If it’s not rich with paradox then it probably isn’t really just is.

On some level, somewhere, possibly.

You wouldn’t even want to if you couldn’t.


I believe, I think, I’m not sure.

In one eye, out the other.

One step closer to the nuthouse and saner than I’ve ever been. Stark raving sane.

Rationality (logic) is beautiful and beauty is rational (logical).

All possibilities. All worlds.

By hurting ourselves we hurt the Earth. By strengthening ourselves we strengthen the Universe.

All matter is a manifestation of some “frequency” of energy.

Sometimes it’s necessary to use all of our senses to make sure something’s not real.

There’s a degree of trepidation in returning to a place you’ve never been before.

If it works really well it should just disappear.

Within our frame of reference everything that exists, exists.

We have to be a reflection, on every level, of something that we’re making up.

If you think the car might disappear, slow down.

It’s all you.

We can’t combine mind (science), body (art) and spirit (religion), they’re combined already. All we can do is separate them.

Well if you knew you were doing it you probably wouldn’t want to sometimes.

Life on Mars may not be on the same level that we see it.

All possibility and no possibility leave you with the same realm of possibilities.

If it doesn’t mean anything then it can mean anything.

Consciousness is conscious.

We are limited to all events that are possible.

Each level of consciousness causes the next level of consciousness.

If something happens that is perceived by no being on any level anywhere, did it really happen?

We are perceiving the lack of perception of something that is happening … that affects us.

Temporary reality never changes the eternal task at hand.


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