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A Lunacidal Introduction

29 Oct

“The beginning of this story cannot be told …”


Before getting into the nitty gritty of blog writing, I thought that introductions would be in order. At the very least, perhaps I can save you the trouble of reading my future blogs. On the other hand, maybe we can begin a blogiful relationship.

So, why a “Lunacidal Blog”? And what the heck does that mean anyway? Well, Lunacidal Tendencies is the name I use for a cast of musicians that joined me in creating an album titled After the End, and I suppose that it is as good a way as any to introduce myself. Hi, among other things I am a lyricist and co-producer of this just-released album:

This would be the time to point out that while this is titled “The Lunacidal Blog”, it does not mean that any of the musicians would agree with anything I write here. Of course, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t either. Be that as it may, the responsibility for these words – or at least the way they’re put together – is mine and mine alone.

One more shameless promo before moving on:

Okay, hope you enjoyed that. For more videos you can visit our channel: or visit us on facebook: All right, all right. Sorry. Moving on…

I guess the real question here is what will my future blogs be about and why do I think you’ll want to subscribe. Answering that question is a bitch, of course, but if I’m writing a blog I guess it means I want people to tune in so it’s one that I think deserves an answer. To begin, I will point you in the direction of my lyrics. Not for the promo this time really, just because they’ll give you an idea of what I think about the things I think about. As in “Our sixth sense is common / Close all your windows, bar all your doors / Look only inside and that sense is yours” or “On the ladder of success all you see is your boss’ ass” or “You first choose to fight / Then find the reason / First is the sentence / Then the crime that agrees”.

Mostly I would say that I am a fun loving explorer of Truth with a capital T. And more, that I don’t really believe in answers except on a personal level. Meaning that I see my place as asking questions and maybe pointing out different ways of looking at things. Questions open doors and give us the opportunity to explore. Answers close doors, which is no less important, but something that each person must do for his or her self. I do, however, enjoy shedding light on the doors in our lives and the perspectives we gain and lose by opening and closing those doors. Here’s something that was once told to me in a dream: “A man is defined by the questions that he asks. And the way he goes about finding the answers to those questions is the way he goes through life.” [Aside: if you think this quote can be attributed to somebody and that I had heard it before my dream, I would love to know. Someone once told me it was an Edgar Cayce quote, but I couldn’t find it.]

Another thing I would say about myself is that I love collaboration. 35 musicians were included in the recordings of After the End and Lunacidal Tendencies is a group of 15. The project spawned from weekly jams we hosted in a rehearsal room – more or less a playground for musicians – that lasted for almost two years. It’s a project that almost came of itself and I consider myself lucky that it scooped me up along the way.

And then came the blog. Yes, I’ll be writing about the way I think, feel and experience. No, I probably won’t write much about music, but will try to write musically on many occasions. Which leaves the collaboration…

Hopefully, I’ve peeked your interest a bit, but in any case thanks for taking the time. Please always feel free to comment, question and even request. I look forward to growing this into a shared exploratory space.


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